The office of Clerk and Recorder is the steward of our democracy, our recorded documents and commitments to the People of Denver. 

Whether you’re searching for information on city ordinances and contracts, marriage licenses to fill in a family tree, searching the deed history of a potential home, considering a run for office or looking to finally tie the knot, information held by the Clerk and Recorder should be accessible to the widest possible population. This includes no limits to a particular language, physical ability or financial wherewithal.

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As Denver continues to grow and conduct business, it is important to provide open and transparent access to all city contracts, records, licenses and documents so that growth is both equitable and responsible. It’s my vision that these documents continue to be preserved and made easily accessible to the public with high priority.

After being elected in 2019, I restructured the Office of the Clerk and Recorder to improve and modernize operations; constituent service; and   enhance our presence in the community.

I also initiated an audit of our operations to identify gaps, improve fiscal accountability and record keeping, modernize  outdated systems and protect personal information.

In 2020, we led an excellent pandemic emergency response that ensured seamless operations while keeping our frontline staff and the public safe during the height of the COVID19 pandemic. 

In four years:

  • We’ve overhauled and modernized Denver’s campaign finance system and launched Searchlight Denver, a tool that makes it easier for the public to track the money spent in Denver elections, lobbying, financial and gift reporting.
  • We successfully implemented and administered the first-ever Fair Elections Fund, passed by voters in 2018 to level the playing field in election fundraising.
  • For the first time since the 1950s, we’ve printed the Denver City Charter and will make it available online. In July of 2023, it will be translated into Spanish for the first time in history!
  • We improved access to digitized records dating back to the 1800’s so that millions of Denver’s public records are now just a click away. We will continue to ensure all recorded documents and city contracts, ordinances, and resolutions are properly archived and easy to access digitally.



Voter turnout in municipal elections remains low, even though it’s easy to vote in Denver, a lot of factors cause this, however, consistently inspiring voters to participate is a top priority. As a professional community organizer, my goal is to establish a culture of participation amongst all Denver residents regardless of age, status or zip code. In the last four years:

  • We launched our first-ever civic engagement program with four full-time staff to work with community partners and neighborhoods to increase voter participation and engagement in every part of Denver.
  • My office partnered with 36 Denver Public Schools to enhance civic education, encourage participation, voting and early registration of Denver’s future voters.
  • We created the Mile High Civic Engagement program to illustrate for our youth how government affects our everyday lives and the importance of participating in the electoral process.
  • We focused voter registration efforts to individuals who are facing homelessness, current and formerly incarcerated individuals who have already completed their sentences and are in the process of reintegrating into their communities.



Although Civil unions have been legally recognized in Colorado since May of 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court continues to signal its intent to potentially overturn same sex marriage.  Regardless of that possible decision,  I am proud to have led our team to:

  • Create easier access to licenses as well as marriage certificates, committed partnerships and civil unions.
  • Author and pass a state law to allow remote marriage during the pandemic.
  • Ensured that people still had access to marriage licensing during the height of the pandemic – we installed a drop-box to provide a contactless experience for customers and staff.
  • Ensure that our licenses are honored in various legal processes – whether it be for buying a home, adopting a child or matters involving hospital or care facility information and care.



I spent two terms as a city councilman governing during a recession and saw firsthand the impact that foreclosures had on families and neighborhoods.  An issue that unfortunately, can pave the way for gentrification, homelessness, and loss of property. It is imperative that the Office of the Clerk and Recorder closely monitor foreclosure activity and take appropriate steps to safeguard a fair, transparent, and accessible process that empowers Denver’s homeowners.

  • We worked with city agencies to ensure that property deeds of affordable housing units are properly identified to prevent loss of affordable units.
  • We ensured that foreclosure hearings remain open and accessible and heard online so that affected parties and stakeholders are part of the process.
  • My team held the first-ever Foreclosure town halls in Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • As Public Trustee, I continue to ensure public oversight and transparency over the foreclosure process empowering residents with information on an often-intimidating process.



  • In just 3 years, we added 15 new ballot drop boxes in both high need and historically underserved areas.
  • We continued to defend our democracy and Denver’s accessible, fair and secure elections while nearly doubling the number of ballot drop boxes in Denver. Protect and ensure Denver’s compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Act.
  • My Elections Division modernized elections timelines, and changed the Municipal Code to ensure that overseas, uniformed Military voters are not disenfranchised as they protect our democracy.
  • Updated and set proper precinct boundaries to better ensure voter anonymity and reduce operational risk.
  • We established a partnership with Denver Public Schools to use Denver area schools as Vote Centers.
  • We used federal funds to obtain a new, fully accessible mobile vote center, the Voter Coach. In addition to being a full-service vote center, it is a vital part of our voter outreach efforts.
  • We partnered with the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche to register voters at sporting events and enhance our voter education efforts.
  • We used continuous process improvement to keep our elections secure.
  • We’ve upgraded obsolete equipment to improve ballot processing and counting processes.
  • By joining the statewide ballot tracking system, we were to improve processes, standardize operating procedures to create continuity, saving time and money.
  • For the first time, we partnered with community organizations to set up our first vote center in our Denver jails as part of our confined voter program to make sure those in custody and who still have the right to vote can vote.
  • We’ve visited shelters, camps and conducted regular outreach to Denver residents who are experiencing homelessness.


Help me take Denver’s civic participation and voter turnout to a higher level—because when more people vote, better representatives are elected, and better decisions are made at City Hall, the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C.

The position of Clerk and Recorder is vitally important to ensure that the rights of all Denver residents are defended.  History cannot and will not take a single step backward in Denver.