A Community Organizer for Denver Clerk and Recorder

The office of Clerk and Recorder is the steward of our democracy, our recorded documents and commitments to the People of Denver. 

Whether you’re searching for information on city ordinances and contracts, marriage licenses to fill in a family tree, searching the deed history of a potential home, considering a run for office or looking to finally tie the knot, information held by the Clerk and Recorder should be accessible to the widest possible population. This includes no limits to a particular language, physical ability or financial wherewithal.

Please select one of the areas below to learn more about the issues.

Accessible, Open and Transparent Government


As Denver grows and conducts business, it is important to keep access open and transparent on all city contracts, records, licenses and documents to help Denver grow equitably and responsibly.   All agreements recorded between the city and a vendor should be easily accessible to all parties and the public. My goals will be to:

  • Continue to archive, preserve and ensure all recorded documents and city contracts, ordinances, and resolutions are easily accessed digitally and available in multiple languages.
  • Improve campaign finance reporting by making it easier for campaigns to file documents and for the public to access campaign contribution information and financial disclosures.
  • Support and empower the employees of the Clerk and Recorder’s office while fostering ingenuity and creativity as they serve the public.
  • Create a Clerk and Recorder’s Citizen Academy. Similar to the Denver Police Department ‘s Citizen’s Academy.
Increase Voter Turnout and Civic Participation


Denver is a leader in election practices. However, our voter turnout in municipal elections remains low.  As a community organizer by trade, I believe we can do better with good ol’ fashioned, door-to door, grassroots work. I commit to:

  • Support efforts to create automatic voter registration at State and county levels
  • Activate all precincts to their full potential by ensuring they are fairly and accurately drawn reflecting communities of interest.
  • Place additional ballot drop boxes at more permanent locations. (Everyone knows where their mail box is, but do they know where their election box is located?)
  • Create ballot title designations to educate voters on who candidates are.
  • Create a first-ever Denver Civic Participation program that will focus on community engagement and organizing to increase civic participation and turnout 365 days a year.
  • Establish a Candidates 101 workshop on an annual basis to train potential candidates on everything from filing to run through keeping track of finances. I hope to increase the pool of well-educated candidates and increase the talent pool of Denver candidates.  
  • Partner with the Denver Public Schools to enhance civic education, participation, voting and early registration.
  • Make civic participation easier – as a poll watcher, elections judge, voter, community organizer, candidate running or as an organization petitioning for an initiated ordinance.
  • Author an amendment to the Denver charter that would stagger the terms of elected officials, so that Denver can protect continuity, institutional knowledge and make elections more efficient.
  • Focused voter registration efforts to individuals who are facing homelessness, and formerly incarcerated individuals  who have already completed sentences and fully reintegrating into their communities.
Protect Love and Marriage Equality


Civil unions have been legally recognized in Colorado since May of 2013. Samantha Getman and Victoria Quintana made history as the first same-sex couple to be married in the City and County of Denver on July 10, 2014. While many Country Clerks across Colorado were reluctant to enforce these new laws, Denver Clerk and Recorder, Debra Johnson was a leader in implementing marriage equality. As she prepares to retire, Debra leaves behind a lasting and impressive legacy defending the dignity of all in Denver. I am proud of her work and will continue to uphold marriage equality in the Mile High City.

I am committed to:

  • Creating easier processes to licenses as well as marriage certificates, committed partnerships and civil unions.
  • Partnering with organizations and leaders around our city to honor and make sure our licenses are honored in legal processes – whether it be for buying a home, adopting a child or instances involving hospital or care facility information and care.

In Solidarity with the Struggle for Equality

The struggle for LGBTQ rights did not begin at Stonewall and the struggle did not end with Obergefell. It is an ongoing effort that requires constant vigilance from the LGBTQ community as well as allies. 

The position of Clerk and Recorder is vitally important to ensure that the civil rights of all Denver residents are defended.  History will not take a single step backward in Denver.

Foreclosure Prevention and Affordable Housing


I have spent the majority of my term as a city councilman governing during a recession and saw firsthand the impact that foreclosures had on families and neighborhoods. An issue that unfortunately, can pave the way for gentrification, homelessness and loss of property.  It is imperative that the Office of the Clerk and Recorder closely monitor foreclosure activity and take appropriate steps to safeguard a fair, transparent, and accessible process that protects Denver’s homeowners. I want to ensure that:

  • Title companies are well regulated and kept up-to-date in changes and recording requirements.
  • Property deeds of affordable housing units are properly identified as such.
  • Foreclosure hearings remain open and scheduled so that affected parties and stakeholders are part of the process.
Defend our Democracy and our Right to Vote


I will take measures to protect Denver’s place as an inclusive city with transparent voting processes and commit to:

  • Protect and ensure Denver’s compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Act.
  • Continue to keep our elections secure and open by employing necessary and updated measures.
  • Participate in Census 2020 to ensure an accurate and complete count to set proper boundaries for precincts and council districts that fairly represent communities of interest.
  • Finally, in no way, shape or form, will the office of Denver’s Clerk and Recorder under my leadership be bullied or coerced to hand over our voter registration information to the Trump Administration. Together we will protect our right to the ballot and defend our democracy in Denver, even if we must go to the Supreme Court to do it.

As the Denver population continues to grow, so should our economic resources. Wages and benefits have remained mostly stagnant, creating a situation where locals may struggle to afford to stay in the city.

Whether it’s affordable housing, access to parks, criminal justice reform, public safety, or civil rights, for many of us, our civic life unfortunately depends greatly on where you live. In Denver, precincts that have the highest voter turnout are given the most attention.  For decades this has been the case, creating and perpetuating inequity in city services and investment.  It’s time for that to change.

Help me take Denver’s civic participation and voter turnout to a higher level—because when more people vote, better representatives are elected, and better decisions are made at City Hall, the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C.